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Photography By Perry will photograph you in the beauty of your of your own home

Our Guarantee - You will be thrilled, not just satisfied.

Yes, Photography By Perry will photograph you at your favorite places.

Locations Ideal Places for family portraits

1. Your home - Not only will the people in the photograph be special, but with your decor serving as background, it will be special too. Your family room, living room, home office, deck and other place are available to personalize your portrait. In addition, your entire wardrobe will be at your convenience, unlike at a studio.

2. Your Yard - Your yard personalizes your portrait in the same way that your home does. Your patio, pool, flower garden can provide ideal locations as well as the house itself can be a background for a family portrait.

3. Recreational locations such as community and local parks.

4. Ponds, large and small.

5. Vacation spots.

6. Church grounds.

7. Tourist attractions such as the US Capitol or Lincoln Memorial.

8. Sports locations such as on a softball field, or at a tennis court.

9. The family boat or next to the family air plane.

10. Family events (reunions, parties, meetings, etc.)

Note: Some locations require permission of the property owner or custodian.