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Family Portraits on location

Families are photographed in the beauty of their own home, yard, or another place that is special to them. Families have chosen places like "The Great Falls Park", downtown Washington DC, sitting on a family sports car, on the family boat, on tennis courts, etc. This service applies to couples, individuals, small children and babies. A studio can be set up on location for children's portraits and others, if appropriate. Portraiture includes a free consultation with Perry prior to the day of the session to discuss clothing, location and other portrait design features to ensure that the portraits created fulfill their dreams.

Complete wedding photography is available. This includes engagement photos and pre-wedding bridal portraits.
Photo Copies of photographs and Douments

Old photos can be copied to preserve them or to give copies to others. Photo copying is also available to preserve images of documents or objects. This service has been used to record items for insurance records.

Promotions, award ceremonies, baby showers, birthdays, parties, etc.
Restoration of old or damaged photographs

Old or damaged photographs can be restored. If you have family heirlooms stored in boxes because they are too faded for display, this service is for you. Coloring is available and can make some old photos look better than ever.
Product photography

Products are photographed for web sites, catalogs, brochures and other displays etc. This service was used by a quilt maker to document the designs of her quilts, a driftwood artist to prepare slide shows of his art pieces and by a parent to document her child’s science fair projects.